I am in a black hole…

Valerie is sitting in a dark room, looking down at the camera. Her face is blank and tired.

I told myself if I was going to start a blog, I needed to be active in posting. However, I am currently in a black hole and my will to be productive is zilch. I have some longer pieces brewing on homelessness and disability and on inclusion of disabled people in disability-centric research, I will get those out as soon as my head is quiet enough to concentrate.

The goal in this blog is to provide information, primarily about disability policy topics. However, it is also about me.  This is a very real part of my day to day. Right now it is many days.

I hope to gain readers that will be able to stay with me on the journey, even when that journey causes me to produce at a slower pace that expected.

Take care, be well, I will catch you all soon.