On the Road Again?

Last time I wrote it was about the very real struggles I was having with a traditional 9-5. That has only continued to get worse. While I don’t know if any of my co-workers would agree, I feel the quality of my work is suffering. My work is not only a source of pride, but I work in arenas I am very passionate about, so not being able to give my all is unacceptable to me.

My husband is also tired. He is likely tired of tiptoeing around my extreme depression and taking care of things when I just can’t move, but he is also dealing with his own anxiety and job unfulfillment.

Thus our most recent conversation; we area considering full-time RVing. We have started to look at both 5th wheels and Class C motorhomes and creating sufficient savings to purchase one. We are beginning to downsize the house and look at options for remote and freelance work and working out necessary details like health care.

It just feels like it is time to get back to just living. Neither of us felt like ‘traditional’ people when we met but somewhere along the way, we became married homeowners with full-time office jobs and little energy to explore much of anything new. This isn’t living for us. I’ve moved before and it is true that wherever you go, there you are. I know my depression won’t magically disappear because I am living in a motorhome but I am hoping to have freedom in my work, and spending my time experiencing new things rather than getting caught up in a mundane routine will help me to see much more of the beauty that life has to offer.

I hope to document it well and share the experience and transition with anyone that wants to read about it.