A Convergence or a Fork in the Road

I have been going back and forth between writing a blog or leaving it be for some time now. I feel like I have things to say, but not necessarily anything that so many other people in the disability community and beyond aren’t also saying.

And then this week happened.

This week I have been exhausted. I have both ‘mental illness’ and chronic illness and both have been acting up.  A week ago I sat on my bed staring at a handful of pills I intended to swallow not because I was sad but because I am tired.  

Then I fought through this week to Wednesday where a young boy killed 17 people and every argument I see, on both sides, points to mental illness as the culprit. I see young people scared to go to school and people realizing that evacuation practices leave so many people with disabilities in danger.

Then I get to today, when the House has voted on H.R. 620 to amend the Americans with Disabilities Act creating notification requirements and waiting periods for people to make businesses accountable for their non compliance with the law.  On top of that my body is flaring and I am in so much pain it hurts to move.

And I think, now, I can’t not say things.  I am a person with significant mental illness who lives in near constant pain and exhaustion. I am a woman with disabilities who is an advocate by profession and a burgeoning activist.  I am a student of emergency management with hopes to change the way we keep people of all functions and abilities safe.

I am also a wife. A sister. Queer. Black. Hispanic. African-American. A million other things. I hope this will be a place to celebrate all of those while being truthful about the reality created by living within those intersections in our society.

It’s been a long week. I have a lot to say about it. I guess this will be the start.